Jale Hürdoğan, started her education life in İzmir American Collegiate Institute and later she attended İstanbul Boğaziçi University and got her bachelors degree in Economics. After her graduation she proceeded to study Fashion Design in “The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago”.

Upon her return to Istanbul in 1998, she gained valuable experience by taking fashion designer roles in some of the big ready to wear companies of Turkey. After deciding to start her own brand , Jale traveled to USA and continued her efforts there in ’08-’09.

The designer established her own brand “Janucha” as a design l’atelier/boutique in Nisantasi, at the end of 2009. Her brand is also carried in certain prestigious stores in Antalya, İzmir, and Bursa.

Since 2011 she has shown her collections in İstanbul Fashion Week, and on the 15th of February her new collection was introduced in London Fashion Week for the first time.

While preparing seasonal collections under her own name, she is also working as a design consultant for other brands, and designing special clothing for cooporate firms, and hotels.